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  1. Date parsing

    I have lost patience with the RFC 822 date parsing in both feedparser and listparser. Back in 2009 when I started writing listparser I decided to use regular expressions to turn RFC 822 date strings into Python datetime objects. Earlier this year when I discovered that feedparser's RFC 822 parser …

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  2. listparser 0.17 - "Territory expansion"

    I'm pleased to announce that listparser 0.17 is available for immediate download! This release features support for Python 2.4 through 3.3, Jython 2.5.2 and 2.5.3, as well as PyPy 1.8.0. The codebase runs on all of these with no modification, and …

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  3. listparser 0.16 - "Refresh"

    I'm pleased to announce that a new version of listparser has been released!

    The big change this release is that users can now more easily install listparser in Python 3 environments, thanks to an updated setup.py file. This is made possible by running listparser through the 2to3 tool automatically …

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  4. listparser v0.13 - "Revelations"

    I'm pleased to announce the release of listparser v0.13! This is an important bugfix release, and I recommend everyone upgrade immediately.

    Bug fixes

    The last release of listparser contained an infinite loop bug in the Injector code. Large documents that contained undeclared character references would trigger the bug, which …

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