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Hey there! This article was written in 2009.

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listparser v0.4 - "07/18,29"

Posted 18 July 2009 in listparser

I just released listparser v0.4. It now supports categories and tags, and in two ways:

  1. The category attribute of the <outline> element.
  2. Nested <outline> elements.

While the OPML specification uses the category attribute, I also wanted to support nested <outline> elements because that's how Google Reader indicates what tags (what they call "labels") are associated with a feed. Thus, the following two samples are equivalently categorized:

<outline text="Alice" category="/friend" type="rss" />

<outline text="friend">
    <outline text="Alice" type="rss" />

I've chosen to handle categories and tags in different ways in listparser: categories are inherently hierarchical. Tags are not. Thus, if a feed is nested one level deep (as is the case with Google Reader OPML exports), listparser will give it both a tag and a category. If it's nested more than one level deep (as can be the case with Liferea OPML exports), then only categories will be assigned.

Try it out!

[download listparser]
[listparser homepage]

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