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Hey there! This article was written in 2010.

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listparser v0.15 - "A special day"

Posted 15 November 2010 in listparser

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the latest version of listparser. The big news is that it now supports IronPython, which means that listparser runs on three different Python interpreters (CPython, Jython, and now IronPython)!

There's a complication with IronPython, however; it doesn't ship with any XML parsers, which means listparser is dead in the water. Happily, there's a file called pyexpat.py that, when placed in the Python path, allows listparser and IronPython to work together. In my case I simply put pyexpat.py in the same directory as listparser.py.

Download it, use it, and report any bugs you find!

listparser is a Python library that parses subscription lists (also called reading lists) and returns all of the feeds, subscription lists, and "opportunity" URLs that it finds. It supports OPML, RDF+FOAF, and the iGoogle exported settings format.

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