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Hey there! This article was written in 2009.

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listparser v0.3 - "...and Recursion for all."

Posted 3 July 2009 in listparser

listparser v0.3 is now available on github (watch for the announcement on Freshmeat), and it is of course the best version yet! There's now support for OPML inclusions, using either link or include. What this means for you is that it's now possible to import a subscription list that includes references to other subscription lists.

To see how this works, suppose that your friend Alice has two feeds on her website: http://alice.com/blog/feed and http://alice.com/photos/feed. She also has a subscription list at http://alice.com/list.opml. Also suppose Bob has the same two types of feeds (blog entries and photos), and a similar subscription list. Now that listparser supports inclusions, it's possible to handle the case where you're subscribed to the subscription lists:

<opml version="2.0">  
        <title>My friends' subscription lists</title>  
        <outline type="link" text="Alice" url="http://alice.com/list.opml" />  
        <outline type="include" text="Bob" url="http://bob.com/list.opml" />  


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