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Hey there! This article was written in 2010.

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listparser v0.14 - "A good year"

Posted 22 October 2010 in listparser

I'm pleased to announce the release of listparser v0.14!

The big news is that I added support for the relevant Yandex.ru FOAF extensions (translations from Google and Babelfish). With this, LiveJournal FOAF files are now supported (example). This is great news for LiveJournal users with feed readers that use listparser, as they could now subscribe to their own FOAF file and follow all of their friends' LiveJournal blogs!

Other than that, I cleaned up the code and improved the documentation. Check it out!

listparser is a Python library that parses subscription lists (also called reading lists) and returns all of the feeds, subscription lists, and "opportunity" URLs that it finds. It supports OPML, RDF+FOAF, and the iGoogle exported settings format.

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