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Design for "and" and "or" | 12 June 2020

Remember that one time when your software requirements changed and you realized that you would have to make dramatic changes to your code? Remember how that's only happened to you once?

I've been working on the same codebase for eight years. During that time I've learned that requirements change, and I've slowly learned some design patterns that can help make code flexible enough to accommodate changing requirements.

I'd like to share some of those experiences and lessons with you.

Friends with robots | 5 March 2020

I added a robots.txt file so that a common request won't be greeted by a 404 page.

Redirecting www | 1 March 2020

I've set up HTTPS and redirection for www.kurtmckee.org, and I've enabled automatic certificate renewal.

Qotom Q350G4Y: My new router | 19 January 2020

I got a Qotom Q350G4Y fanless mini PC to replace my current router. This is going to be a big learning project!

Content attribution | 11 January 2020

Content duplication and attribution removal bother me. I did something minor about it in 2008.