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  1. Moving, part 9

    Yikes, it's been almost five years since I last posted about moving my blog back to a self-hosted site! Time really flies.

    Anyway, my site is up and running again! I've got a lot of important things handled already:

    1. The site is encrypted using Let's Encrypt certificates.
    2. Entries from LiveJournal …
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  2. Moving, part 8

    With basically ten lines of code and a trivial template modification I've added support for multiple categories to Pelican. I'll make the code freely available soon. I expect to finalize the migration soon.

    Speaking of which, perhaps I should have called this post series "migration" instead of "moving". I've gotten …

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  3. Moving, part 7

    Good news! I have almost 200 blog entries spanning eight years "imported" into Pelican (really, I have almost 200 text files on a USB drive). I've even written code that automatically converts in-blog links from LiveJournal URL's to the new URL scheme. I really need multiple categories, though, in part …

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  4. Moving, part 6

    I misspoke, apparently: the Unicode problem in the first tool was stemming from something weird going on with the xmlrpclib.Binary.decode() function. Extracting the raw utf-8 data and decoding that gets me the data I expect. New problem: some of my entries are not fully HTML. The paragraphs are …

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