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  1. Leveling up my tech

    At the end of June I experienced a catastrophic hard drive failure: I turned on my computer and heard a metallic ping, followed by the gut-wrenching grinding noise of something dragged across the spinning platters. I turned the computer off immediately, but when I booted it back up a few …

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  2. Migrating back to Wordpress

    I've started working to migrate my online presence back to kurtmckee.org; it's been two-and-a-half years since I self-hosted my blog, and in that time I've fragmented my identity across LiveJournal, Blogger, Tumblr, and a smattering of other services including YouTube and Flickr.

    Thus far I've upgraded my Wordpress install …

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  3. Pidgin-encryption key

    Although rarely online, I signed on today and realized that I hadn't installed and configured Pidgin-encryption. Pidgin-encryption encrypts your instant messaging conversations so that they cannot be read while in transit; without it, it is trivially easy for others to eavesdrop on your online conversations.

    If you're not using Pidgin …

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  4. FireGPG and blogging

    I installed a Firefox extension recently that has been blowing my socks off, and it's called FireGPG. FireGPG adds GPG support to Firefox, like how Enigmail adds GPG support to Thunderbird.

    Encryption (and cryptographic signatures) continue to fascinate me -- I firmly believe that encryption is an absolute necessity for every …

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  5. Yahoo for search

    I've been using Yahoo for all of my search needs for the past month (at least, since the news broke that Viacom convinced a judge to force YouTube, which is owned by Google, to hand over all of its user data). Seriously, I encourage you to try a new search …

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  6. Scraping LiveJournal comments

    As a first attempt at expanding my comment tracking software, I did a little testing in regards to scraping LiveJournal comments. Having written some uncomfortably convoluted XSL transformations in the past, I've become familiar with XPath. While BeautifulSoup has served me well in the past for quick excursions into the …

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  7. while read i

    I have finally finished backing up all of my data. It took four DVDs, but I finally did it. It would have required several more had I not filtered my music files for backup, however. In particular, the only music that I truly had to save were the songs I've …

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  8. Comments elsewhere

    I've been working very hard to track down and save up all of my comments on others' websites. Although there are still some comments out there, I've manually added over 300 comments, which has been a serious chore.

    Tonight I slapped a little CSS together so that the comment viewing …

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