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  1. Self-documenting code

    I have to maintain code and narrative documentation for compliance reasons at work, but I don't want to separately update the documentation each time I update the code! Luckily, because I'm using Python and Sphinx, it's easy to the automatically update the docs.

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  2. In the beginning

    My first programming language was some variant of BASIC on a VTech Precomputer 2000. Then one day I discovered that a copy of QBasic was included with DOS and began using it to program. I wrote software to add and subtract arbitrarily long strings of integers (I don't think I …

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  3. The Debris Cathedral

    For a very long time I've been writing code at my job that automates some very tedious tasks. It's not Python code, though! It's a macro language that has saved the company a lot of time and energy but suffers from severe limitations:

    • No scoping -- everything is in a global …
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  4. April didn't come soon enough

    Man alive, I've been working 12-hour days, seven days a week, for almost the entirety of March. It has been grueling. During this time I gained 10 pounds due to atrocious eating habits (like eating right before bed at 3:00am), my voice has become damaged thanks to stress- and …

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  5. pdb post-mortem debugging

    I misread a recent feedparser bug report and thought that the author had mistyped a bbcode- or wiki-formatted link. Consequently, I wasted time debugging the code.

    Turns out, I wasted a lot of time, because I spent more than zero time debugging the code. Yes, zero time. I was using …

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