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  1. In the beginning

    My first programming language was some variant of BASIC on a VTech Precomputer 2000. Then one day I discovered that a copy of QBasic was included with DOS and began using it to program. I wrote software to add and subtract arbitrarily long strings of integers (I don't think I …

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  2. Caller ID blocking options

    I've been considering asking my company to drop my work cell phone plan and pay for my personal cell phone plan. Some people might cringe to be more accessible to their company but work already calls my personal phone all the time. Therefore, the biggest concern I have about doing …

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  3. A change of scenery

    I am absolutely lost on this computer of mine.

    When my old PC finally died and I built my new one, I tried several different Linux distributions and was dissatisfied with each for some reason or another. I ended up defaulting to Ubuntu because it had the fewest hardware problems …

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  4. And after four days

    And after four business days we're back in extended hours. At least I got a two-day weekend out of it. I didn't even make it into the building before I found out. I am absolutely exhausted and uninspired.

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  5. April didn't come soon enough

    Man alive, I've been working 12-hour days, seven days a week, for almost the entirety of March. It has been grueling. During this time I gained 10 pounds due to atrocious eating habits (like eating right before bed at 3:00am), my voice has become damaged thanks to stress- and …

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  6. In Europe, day 4

    Although my days have been largely consumed by meetings and discussions I've been finding time to enjoy Zaltbommel and its many restaurants.

    Yesterday for dinner I had duck liver, quail, candied apple, pork and mashed potatoes, crème brûlée, wine, and a delicious Trappist beer named Dubbel at a wonderful restaurant …

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  7. In Europe, day 1

    I don't expect that I'll liveblog my trip to Europe, but I did have a great first day and I wanted to let everyone know that I made it safely.

    My coworker and I arrived in Amsterdam at 7:30am, and we quickly got the rental car and headed to …

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  8. A learning experience

    While at a birthday party for a lesbian friend of mine, I was the only straight guest at the party.

    Birthday girl : "We're all doing jello shots!"
    Me : "I've never done jello shots."
    Birthday girl : "Well you can't use your finger! You have to use your tongue to get all …

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