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A change of scenery

Posted 29 June 2014 in life

I am absolutely lost on this computer of mine.

When my old PC finally died and I built my new one, I tried several different Linux distributions and was dissatisfied with each for some reason or another. I ended up defaulting to Ubuntu because it had the fewest hardware problems out-of-the-box and because it was what I'd been using on the old PC. However, that has proven to be a frustrating and debilitating decision: I don't use my PC but once every several weeks. I hate the GUI. Seriously, I absolutely and completely hate the GUI. It frustrates the fire out of me. It's time for something new.

So, I'm going to try Arch Linux. I want to use LVM and have snapshots of my hard drive. I want to use stock Gnome 3, customized to look like Gnome 2, the only Linux GUI I've ever been comfortable with. And I want to WANT to sit down in front of my computer and work on feedparser. I haven't touched it in forever, and I know one of the big reasons is that I hate -- HATE -- using my computer, ever. I basically only use my PC once each month because I have to pay bills.

I usually dislike announcing an intent to do something but this is more for me than it is my readership. I want a stake in the ground to spur me on to actually fix this awful situation.