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Content attribution | 11 January 2020

Content duplication and attribution removal bother me. I did something minor about it in 2008.

Book burning | 6 February 2012

Recently I received an e-reader as gift, and I've been trying to decide what to read on it. Then I remembered I already own several books that I haven't read. Ooh, and then I can get rid of the physical copies and cut down on space! As a show of …

Licensing | 13 September 2010

I've spent some time going through my photos on Flickr, assigning a permissive Creative Commons license to any photo without a familiar face in it, and adding tags to all such photos. In doing so I hope that others will be better able to find and take those photos and …

A plan for copyrighting | 22 February 2007

From time to time I'm reminded that I need to have a clear copyright policy for the content I make available on my blog. Today was yet another reminder: I received notice that a website called Decade 1980 was linking to me. The problem with this website is that it …