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Announcing feedparser 5.1.3

Posted 9 December 2012 in feedparser

Howdy everybody!

I'm pleased to announce the release of feedparser 5.1.3! This version features a number of crash fixes, minor documentation fixes, and improved date parsing and character encoding handling, You'll also find that two HTML5 element attributes are no longer stripped by the HTML sanitizer. You can grab the latest release from PyPI or from Google Code.

Additionally, feedparser is now using a git repository on Google Code, and I keep a mirror on github for those users as well.

This release contains patches and unit tests from a number of contributors, including Julian Berman, Bernd Schlapsi, Andy Wingo, as well as Google users bendriko and chungwu.

Stay tuned, because there are some great patches coming in from a number of contributors that will help form the next feature release.