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LiveJournal comment spam | 18 March 2011

I know comment spam is tough to deal with, but the spam I'm getting on LiveJournal is especially frustrating because I have vanishingly few tools for dealing with it. No Bayesian filtering, no behavioral filtering, no CAPTCHAs...wait, actually there are CAPTCHAs, they just don't stop the spammers.

Spam Karma 2 | 1 June 2007

I used Spam Karma 2 throughout the month of May, and it proved itself a better solution than Akismet.

My Akismet analysis | 1 May 2007

Akismet performed with 97% accuracy for the month of April 2007.

Comments: spam and copyright | 30 March 2007
  • Spam - I have received quite an increase of spam comments since I've gotten back (it's up to 4 or so spam comments each day). I've enabled Wordpress' Akismet plugin, which should alleviate the situation significantly.

  • Copyright - I have noted that a few prominent bloggers have put copyright licenses at the …