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SSH over FTP and HTTP | 15 March 2007

Warning : Very techie stuff ahead!

One of my friends was recently lamenting that he hasn't been able to figure out how to punch a hole through his company's firewall and connect to his computer at home using SSH. He mentioned that the firewall is almost too effective, in that he …

I reported a vulnerability to Northwestern once, and I did not feel it was received very well. There were a few interesting emails back, but most of the emails could be condensed to just "You didn't handle this correctly" and vague emails that felt as if the person was talking …

A while back, Aaron noted that my Webmail Enhancer script wasn't working anymore. Tonight I finally looked into the situation, and the results have not been pleasing.

I got it working again, but there are some pretty serious Firefox changes that appear to have crippled the Northwestern Directory / Webmail integration …