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Business as usual | 16 January 2012

I read this morning that the internet censorship bill, SOPA, was killed by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), but there are other similar bills that still need to be killed. The discussion on Slashdot cracked me up, though.

Spritzer (950539) : I for one have been in contact with my Rep. and …

PBS inauguration coverage | 20 January 2009

As my antenna doesn't pick up CBS and NBC, I can't comment on those two stations, but I can say that PBS easily had the best coverage. Their commentators kept out of the way, only speaking when there was something useful to contribute. Additionally, they handled the instrumental performance and …

WGN (CW) inauguration coverage | 20 January 2009

"Well we were wondering when Oprah would arrive, if she would be here, and there she is, Beyoncé arrived earlier, and Jay-Z is here, so it's like you said, all the people that Obama, uh, will be here for the inauguration."

'Nuff said.

ABC News inauguration coverage | 20 January 2009

I've been up since 5:00a with the television on, and I have to tell you that ABC News has simply terrible coverage. There is no news to report, so they're running drivel over and over and over. Almost everything centers around the fact that there are a lot of …

Of presidents and internets | 10 April 2007

What technologies would best encourage debate and communication between a politician and his adoring public?