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Quantum of Solace (2008) | 17 November 2008

I saw Quantum of Solace yesterday, and was sorely disappointed. "Quantum of Solace" is a terrible title. They should have called it "Plethora of Typography", or "Excess of Vehicle Chase Scenes".

The movie featured Bond both as pursuer and pursued in a car, on a motorcycle, and by boat and …

Movies (August) | 2 September 2008

Pitch Black (2000)

The director, David Twohy, chose to do some odd things that, in my opinion, didn't work. Sure, his choices have some logic behind them, but they don't work. "Riddick has surgically-enhanced eyes, right? Let's do extreme closeups of eyes!" The script called for the antagonist and Riddick …

Movies (July) | 31 July 2008

No Country for Old Men (2007)

I've enjoyed the Coen brothers' films in the past ("O Brother Where Art Thou?", "Miller's Crossing"), and this film didn't disappoint either. The acting was superb, and the accents, spot on. I was transported by the movie; when the film ended and I began …

Movies (June) | 30 June 2008

I Am Legend (2007)

Will Smith delivered a good performance here. When he was scared of the dark, his fear was palpable. But he sold loneliness best; "Please say hello to me" was absolutely heart-breaking. Nonetheless, the story wasn't great, and the opening sequence was as ridiculous as it was …

The Express (2009) | 8 May 2007

Sargent Hall has transformed into Cleveland General Hospital, in preparation for an upcoming Dennis Quaid movie named "The Express".

Come eat Chipotle with me! | 5 March 2007

Update - We'll meet at Foster House at 6:30p and walk down to Chipotle (I don't know if there will be enough cars). The movie "300" starts at 8:30p. You can purchase your ticket online at Fandango if you want.

Hey everyone, look at me!

I'm throwing myself a …

Recent movies | 25 June 2006

Movies I've watched in the past month.