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This morning I woke up and the first thought on my mind was "If I write a feed reader that allows people to follow a conversation in a blog entry's comments, how will they participate in the conversation?"

I already had some idea that the technology might exist: a long …

Tracking feeds and comments | 4 September 2008

I switched feed readers a while back; I ditched Google Reader in favor of Liferea. Liferea brings some interesting features to the table that Google Reader didn't, like the automatic downloading of comments where available.

After using it for a while, I've begun to consider wrapping comment tracking and feed …

Goodbye, Liferea | 22 March 2007

I read something a long time ago, and it has stuck with me. (I wish I could find the original text, but it has been lost to time.) It went something like this: You should choose software which has developers that think and work the same way you do.

Unfortunately …

Facebook backlash | 8 September 2006

Facebook added mini-feeds, and people are up in arms. I say, "Get over it."

More MySpace stuff | 23 August 2006

The MySpace cross-poster is finished, and the MySpace blog feed generator is almost ready.