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LiveJournal comment spam | 18 March 2011

I know comment spam is tough to deal with, but the spam I'm getting on LiveJournal is especially frustrating because I have vanishingly few tools for dealing with it. No Bayesian filtering, no behavioral filtering, no CAPTCHAs...wait, actually there are CAPTCHAs, they just don't stop the spammers.

Posting comments from within a feed reader | 4 April 2010

This morning I woke up and the first thought on my mind was "If I write a feed reader that allows people to follow a conversation in a blog entry's comments, how will they participate in the conversation?"

I already had some idea that the technology might exist: a long …

Tracking feeds and comments | 4 September 2008

I switched feed readers a while back; I ditched Google Reader in favor of Liferea. Liferea brings some interesting features to the table that Google Reader didn't, like the automatic downloading of comments where available.

After using it for a while, I've begun to consider wrapping comment tracking and feed …

Wordpress.com and comment feeds | 2 August 2008

A few days ago I added support for tracking Wordpress.com comments, but its implementation leaves a lot to be desired, as I'm merely using comment feeds for the purpose.

The first problem is that Wordpress.com limits the number of comments in feeds to 10. Thus, it is very …

Revisiting comment scraping | 25 July 2008

Earlier this month I wrote about scraping LiveJournal comments. What was I thinking?

While I was able to account for a number of variables in the page by tweaking my XPath statements, it became obvious early on that screen scraping for comments should be a last resort. So I decided …

Spam Karma 2 | 1 June 2007

I used Spam Karma 2 throughout the month of May, and it proved itself a better solution than Akismet.

My Akismet analysis | 1 May 2007

Akismet performed with 97% accuracy for the month of April 2007.

Comments: spam and copyright | 30 March 2007
  • Spam - I have received quite an increase of spam comments since I've gotten back (it's up to 4 or so spam comments each day). I've enabled Wordpress' Akismet plugin, which should alleviate the situation significantly.

  • Copyright - I have noted that a few prominent bloggers have put copyright licenses at the …

New comment policies | 3 March 2007

I've made a decision to change some policies about my blog. Previously, if I knew it wasn't a spammer, I would generally allow a comment through no matter how offensive it might be. However, I think I want to change that, because I want my website to be appropriate for …

Keeping track of comments | 27 January 2007

A while back I started searching through Google, Yahoo, and MSN, trying to find every reference to my name online. I'm trying to reel in everything I've said out on the interweb, because I feel it's important to know exactly what I've said over the years...just in case. Indeed …