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YouTube for the XBox 360

Posted 5 January 2012 in xbox and youtube

Having previously ranted about Hulu Plus for the XBox 360, I'll briefly share my thoughts about YouTube's new XBox app.

Basically, it's hit and miss. I wanted to watch the excellent and hilarious "Linux Torvalds on git" video. Nope, it's not available. Okay, maybe "7 Habits For Effective Text Editing 2.0"? Nope. Sigh. So videos uploaded by Google itself aren't available. What is?

Music videos. Popular and trending videos. Sports videos. Big whoop. But, happily, so is the David Blaine spoof that I love so dearly. To this day I still occasionally quote that video!

Solely for having that video available, I'll bump the app up to a three out of five. You might be thinking "What the chopsticks?! Only three out of five?" Yup. I can't watch the videos I want to, and the text entry is inferior to that of Netflix because I can't enter a space using the Y button.

UPDATE : Okay, turns out New Netflix' text entry is also inferior to that of Old Netflix. They removed one-button spaces.

UPDATE 2 : I'm disgusted to report that YouTube's search doesn't handle partial text matching. You have to spell out the entire word for it to match, which is an extremely laborious process.

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