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Hey there! This article was written in 2007.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

Stats are helpful around here

Posted 19 April 2007 in plugin, software, statistic, and wordpress

It's been a while since I've had any sort of statistics software running on my website. My long-time favorite has been AWStats, but I've not had the time to install and configure the thing. Luckily, a plugin is available for ol' Wordpress: wp-slimstat. In the few hours it's been installed, I'm already getting interesting information about visitors to my blog. For instance, my Google juice continues to surprise me. In the past three hours, people have found me by searching Google for:

  • facebook happy birthday wall greetings
  • schneier lockable doors

Nice. I hope they found what they were looking for.

There was a little difficulty getting the plugin to work; PHP complained that CachedFileReader didn't exist. The solution was to find each line containing the word load_default_textdomain in wp-slimstat.php. Comment both lines out, and the plugin works fine (as long as English is your preferred language).

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