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Hey there! This article was written in 2005.

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Presentation is everything

Posted 7 August 2005

Most everything having to do with my money is now accessible to me online. I can pay my phone bill online, as well as view and manage my bank account. Plus, I've switched to using direct deposit, so my paycheck goes directly to my bank account on payday! This is a big deal, because now I can digest my finances in a medium I understand.

The only problem I see is that I will have to come up with an ingenious method for allocating money and planning. When I was working for RGIS doing inventory work the summer after my freshman year, I literally had cash in envelopes. I knew exactly what I was going to spend for snacks, gas, and entertainment. I don't want to have cash in envelopes, though, so maybe I'll use notecards with the purpose and allocated amount on the front and back?