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Hey there! This article was written in 2004.

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More Halo 2 thoughts

Posted 11 November 2004

Well I'm back with more fresh comments on Halo 2.

  • The game truly does have bugs. They're more blatant and obvious now, going through the game a second time, and I'm certainly disappointed about it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the game has definite problems with putting me off the side of a certain gondola in a certain level. The exact same thing happened as did the first time through the game.

Second, while riding in an elevator with some marine buddies, my partner said "Maybe our guys shouldn't have just plasma pistols." So I walked over to one of the guys and swapped weapons, knowing I could pick up something better later on. Only, after the swap, I was left with a plasma pistol, and the marine had NO weapons. And shortly thereafter, in this closed elevator we're just quietly riding on to the next part of the level, I inexplicably died and immediately respawned with default weapons.

The graphics madness continued, with characters appearing on screen before their faces and armor textures had been drawn on. I honestly don't know how this made it out the door.

  • The dialog is hilarious, and is truly enjoyable to listen to. The in-game characters say such sarcastic lines as:

Cortana: "It keeps repeating, 'Regret, regret, regret.' I wonder why?"
Sgt. Johnson: "We REGRET that we're so pathetic! We REGRET we ever came to earth! We REGRET that the Core wiped the floor with our sorry hides!"
Pelican Pilots: "HOO-rah!"

Marine: "Suh-WING batta batta suh-WING!"

Marine: "Hey, could you just stand directly in front of me? That'd be great!"

Cortana: "The architecture is absolutely fascinating. I've never seen...I'm sorry, were you in the middle of killing something?"

Marine: "Ugly AND stupid! What a combo!"

Marine: "You know when I shoot, I try to hit something..."

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