1. Moving, part 4

    I've gotten the site to a decent visual and functional state -- pagination works, categories work, feeds work...it still feels like it's missing something, either a functional or navigational element. Maybe it doesn't feel right simply because I'm unaccustomed to a single-column blog.

    Things to improve but that take more …

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  2. Moving, part 3

    I'm creating a theme basically from scratch. I have hated web design with a burning passion for over a decade. Bootstrap makes it easier but it is still easily the single most miserable programming I've had to suffer through in years.

    At least pagination works. Mostly. With problems. With hard-coded …

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  3. Moving, part 2

    It appears Pelican has made a stand against supporting multiple categories. There are two bug reports that I've found where somebody requested support for multiple categories and was told no. This is something I applaud and encourage. Happily, Pelican is open source so I can modify it to support multiple …

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  4. Moving, part 1

    This past week I set up a web server and started customizing Pelican, the blog software I expect I'll use to generate the site. I am making some changes to the theme, but after it's functional enough I will begin working to import over 10 years of content.

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  5. Don't just trust: backup your data

    Having wiped my computer recently and reloaded everything I know now the relief that comes from having good backups of personal data. However, for a few years I've been using online services such as Blogger, LiveJournal, and Tumblr to host my online posts. Over the weekend, I was shocked to …

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  6. Migrating back to Wordpress

    I've started working to migrate my online presence back to kurtmckee.org; it's been two-and-a-half years since I self-hosted my blog, and in that time I've fragmented my identity across LiveJournal, Blogger, Tumblr, and a smattering of other services including YouTube and Flickr.

    Thus far I've upgraded my Wordpress install …

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