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The book I'll write | 19 August 2008

While talking with my parents, I informed them that I'm going to have to write a book. Yeah, it'll be called "Your Children Are Miserable and Sullen, and It's All Your Fault", and I'm going to fill it with stories like the following.

Some time back a woman came into …

Ol' five-dollar Lincoln | 11 July 2008

Today at work a young man -- perhaps 27 years old -- came in while I was at the register. He stared at the doll section for a while, and then asked if there were any more dolls in the store, informing me that his daughter had recently graduated, and he wanted …

People say crazy things | 8 July 2008

I interact with all sorts of people on a daily basis. Many of them say foolish and surprising things.

The racist mother
A woman came in with her mother, and they began looking at doll house products.

Mother : Do you have any regular dolls?
Me : I'm sorry?
Mother : Well I …

Stay strong! | 28 April 2008

The other day a mother came into the toy store with her young son, Nicolas. Her son was very well-behaved, and played quietly at the train table when she asked him to. My boss commented how pleasant the boy was, and she informed us that he had been having an …