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Gmail invites | 5 December 2005

If anybody needs a GMail invite, let me know - I think moving to GMail and Google Talk is a good step for people.

No pain, no pain. | 4 December 2005

A joke: "I'm not into working out. My philosophy is no pain, no pain."

Me go home Saturday | 4 December 2005

Ugh. Finals start tomorrow. But I'm going home next Saturday!

Must order pizza! | 4 December 2005

I have to order pizza again because I missed dinner time at Sargent. I just can't wait to be in an apartment with a full-size fridge so I can have a meal on my time.

Lost is awesome | 3 December 2005

Lost == Awesome. Seriously. Watch this show.

No mo Simple Asides | 3 December 2005

I've disabled Simple Asides and hand-coded the same thing the way I want it almost exactly. Yippee!

Heart of a Champion | 3 December 2005

ARGH! He's been playing Nelly's "Heart of a Champion" for almost 7 hours straight!

Jeff no eat wif me | 3 December 2005

Jeff ended up heading out, so I'll just order a pizza and keep watching Lost. Rock!

Asides of doom | 2 December 2005

I'm using Simple Asides now. Basically this means I can post tidbits without devoting huge posts to each one.

Jeff dropped by | 2 December 2005

Phone call from Jeff - we're thinking dinner.