1. listparser 0.18

    I'm pleased to announce the release of listparser 0.18!

    This release simply replaces the regular expression-based RFC 822 date parser with procedural code. The package is available on PyPI.

    listparser is a Python module that parses subscription lists (also called reading lists) and returns all of the feeds and …

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  2. feedparser 5.2.0

    I'm pleased to announce the release of feedparser 5.2.0!

    It's available only on the Python Package Index (PyPI) as Google Code is shutting down its services. The update incorporates over two years of work and patches from multiple authors.

    Some of the release highlights include what will hopefully …

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  3. Moving, part 8

    With basically ten lines of code and a trivial template modification I've added support for multiple categories to Pelican. I'll make the code freely available soon. I expect to finalize the migration soon.

    Speaking of which, perhaps I should have called this post series "migration" instead of "moving". I've gotten …

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  4. Moving, part 7

    Good news! I have almost 200 blog entries spanning eight years "imported" into Pelican (really, I have almost 200 text files on a USB drive). I've even written code that automatically converts in-blog links from LiveJournal URL's to the new URL scheme. I really need multiple categories, though, in part …

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  5. Moving, part 6

    I misspoke, apparently: the Unicode problem in the first tool was stemming from something weird going on with the xmlrpclib.Binary.decode() function. Extracting the raw utf-8 data and decoding that gets me the data I expect. New problem: some of my entries are not fully HTML. The paragraphs are …

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  6. Moving, part 5

    Apparently Python-based LiveJournal softwares think they're special snowflakes that don't have to deal with Unicode. The first library created severe corruption and truncation. The second tool immediately crashed because it assumed I was using a Cyrillic locale that was compatible with characters the library's author introduced in the output (and …

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  7. Moving, part 4

    I've gotten the site to a decent visual and functional state -- pagination works, categories work, feeds work...it still feels like it's missing something, either a functional or navigational element. Maybe it doesn't feel right simply because I'm unaccustomed to a single-column blog.

    Things to improve but that take more …

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  8. Moving, part 3

    I'm creating a theme basically from scratch. I have hated web design with a burning passion for over a decade. Bootstrap makes it easier but it is still easily the single most miserable programming I've had to suffer through in years.

    At least pagination works. Mostly. With problems. With hard-coded …

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  9. Moving, part 2

    It appears Pelican has made a stand against supporting multiple categories. There are two bug reports that I've found where somebody requested support for multiple categories and was told no. This is something I applaud and encourage. Happily, Pelican is open source so I can modify it to support multiple …

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