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Hey there! This article was written in 2013.

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In Europe, day 4

Posted 6 February 2013 in life and travel

Although my days have been largely consumed by meetings and discussions I've been finding time to enjoy Zaltbommel and its many restaurants.

Yesterday for dinner I had duck liver, quail, candied apple, pork and mashed potatoes, crème brûlée, wine, and a delicious Trappist beer named Dubbel at a wonderful restaurant in Rossum named De Gouden Molen (the Golden Windmill, I'm told). The night before that I had a Greek meal consisting of souvlaki, suzuki, fried potatoes, tzatziki, and vegetables. The beer of the evening was called Bavaria and was outstanding.

Tonight, however, my coworker and I were exhausted so we had a simple meal: McDonald's. Damn, baby, the Dutch have better french fries than we do, even at McDonald's! And the vegetables on my Chicken Sensation were fresh and delish! I've spent the evening relaxing and emailing while watching 28 Dresses and, now, the first Star Trek movie. It's airing on RTL7 ( meer voor mannen ). Even their Captain Morgan commercials are better than ours!

There's just one thing I need in this world: French vanilla coffee creamer. Everyone here laughs at me, even at the grocery store! "Koffie met vanille?!" marveled the clerk. Heaven help me, YES! All of the coffee here is unpotable? C'MON!

Anyway, now it's bedtime. I've got a big day of trainings and meetings tomorrow, and then I'm hoping to head into Den Bosch by train for dinner and to find a music store...