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Hey there! This article was written in 2013.

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In Europe, day 1

Posted 3 February 2013 in life and travel

I don't expect that I'll liveblog my trip to Europe, but I did have a great first day and I wanted to let everyone know that I made it safely.

My coworker and I arrived in Amsterdam at 7:30am, and we quickly got the rental car and headed to our hotel to check in and get some breakfast. We headed into Zaltbommel for lunch and ate at a place that appeared to be named, simply, "Restaurant". I had a cold-smoked salmon sandwich on pita bread that was unlike anything I'd ever had before. The pretty English-speaking waitress brought it to me while people's pet dogs wandered around the area and children played at the bar.

After a short nap I met up with my coworker at the hotel bar; he had struck up a conversation with a man who was from Dallas (small world) and happened to be born a stone's throw from the tiny West Virginian town my coworker was born in (very small world!). The man had already eaten, but he so strongly recommended a restaurant to us for dinner that he decided to lead us there in his own car despite the rain. The restaurant was named "Maxima" and was located on a street corner in Waardenburg. I had swordfish, salmon (or zalm #omgculturesnob), whole shrimp, and mussels for dinner with a side of the most delicious and least oily french fries I've had in my life.

And to the true culture snobs, my meal was not the least bit sullied by french fries. As a matter of fact I ordered a Malbec rosé instead of a white wine to go with the seafood, you haters!

I've taken some pictures, but I'm going to spend some time relaxing and getting ready for bed. I manipulated my sleep schedule to deal with the jet lag, by which I mean that I failed to sleep much the night before the trip or on the plane, so I'm well-exhausted now.