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You know what they say about assumptions

Posted 7 April 2012 in quote

I walked into the cafeteria at work and, as I passed one of the cafeteria ladies, I pouted and rubbed my tummy.

Me : "¡Tengo hambre, Angie!"
Angie : "Ha ha, you're just like my kids! But wait, why do you think I understand Spanish? Because of the color of my skin?"
Me : "Wh..."
Angie : "Ha ha, I'm just playing with you. You're crazy!"

One of the guys at work is a young Puerto Rican that listens exclusively to rap and R&B. We were working on servers together and I heard him hum the tune to "It's a Hard Knock Life".

Me : "Wait, was that "It's a Hard Knock Life"?"
Julio : "Yeah, I love that song."
Me : "Really."
Julio : "Love it. I was listening to it on the way in. Jay-Z was just killin' it."
Me : "Jay-Z?"
Wayne : "Kurt, I don't think he's seen "Annie"."
Julio : "Annie?"
Me : "Oh Julio, you'd love it. It's the touching story of a young white girl who overcomes adversity."
Julio : "That doesn't sound like my kind of thing."