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Hey there! This article was written in 2011.

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Changing keys

Posted 16 September 2011 in music

I recently realized that I dread key changes in the music I listen to, and most surprising was the realization that I view it as a barren musical device: it frequently suggests a lack of inspiration. Most of the time it feels like the composer simply reached the end of the bridge and decided "I'm going for it".

That's not a reason, ever , to switch keys on me. Some people are going to eat that up, but I won't let that garbage fly past me without noting its formulaic application...and judging the composer for it.

These revelations struck me quite hard while listening to Miho Fukuhara's "Starlight". At 2:40 I cringed, just waiting for her to usher in a pedestrian key change. Imagine my surprise when she didn't!

So be sure you don't try to impress me by switching keys at the end of the bridge.