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A new direction

Posted 5 October 2010 in life

I've recently come into some unemployment, and I'm trying to find ways to improve myself and/or the world as I search for a new job. I've got plenty of options, which is so sweet for me:

  1. Switch to a polyphasic sleep schedule
  2. Learn Javascript
  3. Bicycle the city for exercise (and to contribute to OpenStreetMap)
  4. Bone up on probability, calculus, and Spanish
  5. Continue where I left off on my feed reader

Frankly, I'd like to do all of these things. I'm unsure if I can handle a polyphasic sleep schedule, but I've lamented for years that sleep robs me of time I could be doing something useful, so I might try it regardless. The rest I should do no matter what.

Oh, and I've finally got listparser passing all of its new LiveJournal FOAF-related unit tests, which means that I'll be rolling a new release soon. I need to take a hard look at the documentation, and then it should be ready.