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Hey there! This article was written in 2010.

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Posted 28 April 2010 in bicycle, exercise, and life

On Saturday I bought a bike and all of the accoutrements that could be expected. Although I biked home from the shop, I consider tonight's ride its maiden outing.

My first goal in buying the bike is to stop driving to work. I know that getting some exercise will instantly afford me psychological and emotional benefits, and what better way to start my workday than by bicycling to work, right?

So tonight, although I had only expected to ride around my neighborhood, I ended up challenging myself to continue past each checkpoint I set for myself. "I'll turn around when I reach x" kept becoming "I wonder if I can reach y". Eventually I arrived at my place of business, a full five miles from my home, which was a rewarding moment. I called on a friend to drive me back tonight, but I fully expect that by the end of May I'll have the confidence to rely on my bicycle as my primary mode of workday transportation.

Oh, and the second goal is to get exercise while contributing to OpenStreetMap for fun.