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Hey there! This article was written in 2009.

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Waxing miserable

Posted 21 March 2009 in life

If you've seen me in the past few days, you know that I've let my beard grow out. I prefer to be clean-shaven, but I've been wanting to try and wax my face, since shaving always seems like such a waste of time.

So. I spent over an hour applying wax strips to my face, and it was an ineffective and miserable experience. I bled some, but the strips left a wax residue that acted as a sealant. Unfortunately, the majority of my hairs stayed locked in place. I took a shower to try and get the wax residue off, but the hot water burned my already-sensitive skin. I had been told that I needed to exfoliate after waxing in order to prevent ingrown hairs, so I fought through the pain and did that too.

With so much of my beard still firmly in place, I attempted to shave, only to discover that the wax residue survived the hot water, the soap, and the exfoliating scrub. As a result, my skin kept catching on the razor. I'm going to try shaving again tomorrow.

My face hurts so much right now. I'm serious, you guys. Seriously.