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Movies (September)

Posted 14 October 2008 in review

The Karate Kid (1984)

So we've got this punk from New Jersey. He's new in this California town and he keeps getting beat up by the neighbourhood toughs. Until, that is, Mr. Miyagi steps in and informs him that these kids are jerks because they have a bad karate teacher. So the twosome hoofs it to the local dojo, where Miyagi somehow manages to defuse a like-20-dudes-against-2 rumble by entering the punk in a karate tournament. Which is in two months.

Knowing that the punk's worthless at karate, he uses his oriental magic to command the very FORCES OF NATURE. This ain't yo daddy's karate training. Miyagi slows time by making the punk do laborious chores, performs acts of miraculous healing, and then uses the immense power of the ocean to teach this Jersey boy how to balance on two feet.

When the tournament rolls around, the punk takes a lot of battle damage, but manages to win using a move that he watched Miyagi perform at a distance while he was splashing around in the ocean, and practiced while Miyagi was sleeping off a night of heavy drinking. 3 stars

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

This looked like it would be fun: Jackie Chan and Jet Li teaming up in a movie? ...Um, yes? But then it turned out to be awful. The plot went something like this: Boy is a nobody. Boy finds artifact that transports him to another world, and must engage in the fight of his life. At the end of his quest he comes back to his regular life, and is no longer a loser. So basically, "The Lord of the Rings", including the unfilmed ending where Frodo comes back to the Shire and overthrows Saruman, except it's China, and everything sucks.

New rule: Jackie Chan movies have to be rated at least R for me to watch them. 2 stars

Burn After Reading (2008) -- 5 stars
Firefly 1: "Serenity" (2002) -- 5 stars
Firefly 2: "The Train Job" (2002) -- 4 stars
Firefly 3: "Bushwhacked" (2002) -- 5 stars
Firefly 4: "Shindig" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 5: "Safe" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 6: "Our Mrs. Reynolds" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 7: "Jaynestown" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 8: "Out of Gas" (2002) -- 4 stars
Firefly 9: "Ariel" (2002) -- 5 stars
Firefly 10: "War Stories" (2002) -- 4 stars
Firefly 11: "Trash" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 12: "The Message" (2002) -- 4 stars
Firefly 13: "Heart of Gold" (2002) -- 3 stars
Firefly 14: "Objects in Space" (2002) -- 4 stars
Jericho s1e01: "Pilot" (2006) -- 4 stars
Jericho s1e02: "Fallout" (2006) -- 3 stars
Jericho s1e03: "Four Horsemen" (2006) -- 4 stars

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia s1e01: "The Gang Gets Racist" (2005)

Special props to Andy for introducing this show to me, because so far it seems to match my sense of humor. The first episode I watched was actually the second aired, but Andy chose well because that episode hooked me good. This could be the "Arrested Development" replacement I've been looking for (and a special no props at all for the people who told me "Scrubs" would be a good show to watch). 5 stars

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia s1e02: "Charlie Wants an Abortion" (2005) -- 5 stars
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia s1e03: "Underage Drinking: A National Concern" (2005) 4 stars