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Donating, discovering

Posted 7 October 2008 in life

I recently realized that there is a library and a Salvation Army thrift store within walking distance of my apartment, so I've been busying myself cleaning out boxes that have languished in my closet for a while. I guess I should cut down on the amount of "stuff" I have, because the first two boxes were filled with treasures I had forgotten about.

The first box contained a hard drive I found a year or two ago; the second box, books. The topics range from Linux iptables configuration, to Semitic history and conflict; from faith-based books to the fundamentals of number theory, from "Eats Shoots & Leaves" to the "Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots". I recall picking a few up as people were moving out of Foster House in 2007, but several are completely new to me.

Hopefully the hard drive offers up something exciting -- like some music -- because I have a lot of reading ahead of me.