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Hey there! This article was written in 2008.

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Comments elsewhere

Posted 2 July 2008 in programming, python, and technology

I've been working very hard to track down and save up all of my comments on others' websites. Although there are still some comments out there, I've manually added over 300 comments, which has been a serious chore.

Tonight I slapped a little CSS together so that the comment viewing software isn't so ugly. You can see the result here:

Note: Image seems lost to time due to Flickr's content policies (screenshots were not allowed).

The real story here is the software, and my vision for what I'd like it to become one day. While talking with Allan, I talked about my short-term goal: storing everything I've written on other websites. Allan questioned whether that alone was worth the time and effort I've spent in gathering my (often trivial) comments. The answer was a begrudging "no".

I've used coComment for a while, and it provided a useful service: tracking conversations I think are interesting or am participating in. While the service has been spotty and error-prone, the site interface now is downright slow and unpleasant. Thus, perhaps one day my comment tracking software can be expanded to provide the same functionality.

In the meantime, it allows me to satisfy my bizarre desire to forever have a copy of what I say online.