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Movies (June)

Posted 30 June 2008 in movie and review

I Am Legend (2007)

Will Smith delivered a good performance here. When he was scared of the dark, his fear was palpable. But he sold loneliness best; "Please say hello to me" was absolutely heart-breaking. Nonetheless, the story wasn't great, and the opening sequence was as ridiculous as it was novel and awesome. 3 stars

Ladrón Que Roba a Ladrón (2007)

It's "Ocean's Eleven" in Spanish, except that the thieves are robbing for the good of los ilegales e hispanos everywhere. You know how at the end of some movies there's the touching scene where the guy confesses his love to the girl, and the girl's heart is moved, and the music swells and climaxes? Hearts were touched and musics swelled about 10 minutes in, as the head thief revealed that he intended to steal the private fortune of the movie's antagonist. Slightly contrived, but lots of fun. 4 stars

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

I heard that some 70 minutes were cut from the film that is being shown in theaters. I would have liked to see that movie a little more than the theater's cut. Don't get me wrong, "Hulk" was okay, but don't expect much more than a retelling of the 2003 story. 3 stars

WALL•E (2008)

I don't believe I have ever seen so well-executed a film as WALL•E. The story is captivating, the characters are engaging, the music is inspiring, and the movie is gorgeously rendered. The fact that the title itself contains an untypeable character could have been just a marketing gaff, but the movie was so good that, out of respect for the movie, I had no choice but to find the appropriate Unicode symbol in the process of typing this up, and I think that you would have, too. See this movie. 5 stars