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Hey there! This article was written in 2008.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).


Posted 23 May 2008 in life

Okay, SO, I'm totally throwing myself a party in my honor, and to add pride to pretentiousness, I want everyone to check out the invitation and mark whether you're coming or not so I know how much to pat myself on the back for a party well-thrown.

My birthday party on April 26th went over extremely well. The people meshed well and we had a wonderful time. It all started with Aaron and Allan arriving shortly after 7:00a. We ate at Chipotle, picked up a volleyball, and wandered around campus before heading to the beach.

A tape measurer, extended about six inches, next to stickers of block letters formed into the sentence "I WAS HERE".

A statue of a female shooting an arrow into the sky.
Bow and arrow (Tokuda)

A photo of the Northwestern University library.
Library (Tokuda)

Me and Aaron, doubled over with laughter on the sidewalk.
Laughter (Tokuda)

At the beach, we played foxtail, flew a kite, and when enough people arrived, we played volleyball for a couple of hours. That was a good time, and an inside joke from that time is the source from which the title of this entry originated.

A photo of me flying a kite.
Flight (Tokuda)

As evening came, it was decided that we should go check out the big pile of dirt that was arbitrarily located at the south end of the beach. More fun ensued (primarily for the guys, but we eventually convinced the girls to join us).

Andy, jumping from the top of a large sand hill on the beach. The photo captures him in midair.

Me, starting to jump over the side of a large sand hill on the beach.
Geronimo (Tsang)

Allan, preparing to do a back-flip off the sand hill but checking behind him one more time.
Doubletake (Tsang)

Lemmings (Tsang)

With help (Tsang)

Me hugging Kate before she leaves the party.
Hug (Tsang)

Some of my crew left, and we headed to Andrea's apartment for pizza. Unfortunately, we experienced a significant delay getting from the first floor to the third floor.

~~Videos forthcoming, but Youtube is throwing errors right now~~

Update -- There will be no videos for a while; my cell phone is no longer generating videos with playable audio. I mean, there's audio, but no free software nor service supports the audio codec, called QCELP. Thanks for NOTHING , software patents.

Until there are videos, I'll just explain that the elevator was incorrectly rated up to 2,000 pounds, and it ground to a halt just before reaching the third floor. We were rescued after about 45 minutes.

Krystyna and Allan grinning in the foreground of the elevator, with Andy and Andrew posing in the background.
Saved (Tsang)

Eventually we got out of the elevator; the firemen took down our names and told us not to collectively weigh more than 2000 pounds ever again, although we're certain that 10 people, each weighing less than 200 pounds, shouldn't have caused the elevator to stall.

Pizza was awesome, Lock was awesome, and then we went to Prairie Moon. This birthday party was exactly the experience I needed. Thanks everyone!

A group shot of the remnant prior to Prairie Moon:

Many of the people who attended my birthday party!
Huddle (Tokuda)

"Bow and arrow", "Library", "Laughter", "Flight", and "Huddle" are copyright 2008 Allan Tokuda. Used with permission.

"Geronimo", "Doubletake", "Lemmings", "With Help", "Hug", and "Saved" are copyright 2008 Andrea Tsang. Used with permission.