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Hey there! This article was written in 2007.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

My Spanish crew

Posted 17 July 2007

I am really excited at how well my Spanish class has developed into something very much "like a family", to quote my dear professor Rifka. I've played football, frisbee, and croquet in Deering field, played pool at the Norris Game Room, gone swimming on the 24th story of an apartment building, gone to Sheil's cheap lunch, taken people to some of my favorite places on campus (rooftops and gardens and subbasements, oh my!), gone to the Dearborn observatory, and had some fantastic conversations and interactions throughout. Of course, it's only through playing football that I've gotten injured at all: I rolled my big toe, which developed heavy bruising, and I also injured a finger.

Tomorrow (July 18th, one of those birthday dates that I still remember) we're going to head to Grant Park to see The Decemberists play; I had not heard of them, so I'll be in it for the ride. I'll take photos and likely some videos too, and probably I'll not upload them in a timely manner for your personal enjoyment.