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FoHo is awesome

Posted 1 March 2007 in foster-house, haiku, and poetry

One of my friends used to write haikus about Bobb Hall. They had a simple refrain: "Bobb is a s***hole". His poems were always spot on, because -- honestly? -- Bobb really is a terrible dorm. One of them went something along the lines of

There was a mugging,
Someone s in the shower,
Bobb is a s

The person probably wrote a dozen such poems, each giving a tantalizing glimpse into the horrible environment that could only be found in Bobb.

I looked up the strict rules for haikus on Wikipedia, but it turns out that there isn't any concensus. It's common to find the 5-7-5 style in the West, but apparently it can just add up to 17 syllables. Here's my first few attempts at poetry:

Halo for four hours,
Trash talk like you can't believe,
FoHo is awesome.

Playing pool for cash,
Midnight ping pong for the win,
FoHo is awesome.

In the dead of night,
Groups of us walk to B.K.
FoHo is awesome.

It may be that in the future I'll break from 5-7-5, but let's see how far I can get...

[FoHo]: Foster House [B.K.]: Burger King