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Hey there! This article was written in 2007.

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Southpark logic

Posted 23 February 2007 in atheist, censorship, kdubs, quote, religion, and youtube

I was talking with K. Dubs about a blogger on YouTube who posted many videos arguing against Christianity. He had a number of subscribers to his videos, and was a prominent atheist on YouTube. However, when he turned his attention to argue against Islam, YouTube immediately and permanently deleted his account, along with all of his videos.

K. Dubs : "You see, Krut, that while it's OK to bash Christianity, it's not OK to bash other religions. God uses minority religions to keep atheists from using the internet."
Me : "Oh wow! So other religions are a necessary evil?"
K. Dubs : "Exactly, Krut. They are both necessary, and evil."

The conversation reminded me of the Southpark episode in which Cartman reaches the conclusion that America needs people who are both for and against war, so that America can attack anyone it wants and make it look like it doesn't actually want to attack.