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Music - January 2007

Posted 2 February 2007 in music

I don't find my reviews that interesting. They're fun to write, but boring to read. Following the format I've seen several software developers employ, I'm just going to make compilation posts about music, books, and games. This marks the first.

  • Banaroo - German techno/pop. Catchy!

  • Beirut - Balkan music. I wanted to try something different.

  • Bluelagoon - Upbeat a cappella remix

  • BT - Techno. Finally found "Somnambulist", which could have easily been called "Simply Being Loved". It's catchy, and makes me sad.

  • Chris Rice - "Come To Jesus" is great.

  • Downhere - It doesn't sound like all of Christian Pop-dom. Good hooks. Check out "A Better Way".

  • Dylan Thomas - Poetry. I love this guy's voice.

  • Earthsuit - Their essentially-unpublished sophomore release was made available online when the band broke up. You can download the album for free.

  • Field Music - Another "different" choice. I'm enjoying exploring what I do and don't like.

  • Gloc 9 - Filipino rap? Yes!

  • Groove Coverage - Techno. Their songs sound good and make me sad.

  • Imogen Heap - Pop. A girl let me listen to it on the Amtrak train back to Chicago, and I enjoyed it.

  • Javier Navarrete - Orchestral. The soundtrack to "Pan's Labyrinth".

  • Juno Reactor - Techno. Check out "Guardian Angel".

  • Lil Jon - Crunk. Club music. Explicit.

  • Shaun Groves - Christian Pop. A case of "picking up songs I've heard on the radio".

  • Simply Red - "Sunrise", the techno remix. I like this song, although it makes me sad.

  • State Radio - Don't know how to classify this, but I like the piano during the chorus.

  • The Channelsurfers - They played "C.T.C." on the radio many years ago, and I just wanted the memory.

  • Watermark - Christian Pop. I accompanied someone who sang this song many years back.

All told, I gained 75 tracks, primarily thanks to the Earthsuit album, Downhere at Purevolume, and the official "Pan's Labyrinth" website. I'm looking forward to February.

Side note: please let me know how I can better organize this information. Would it be better to just write out the artist names and then comment on songs that are noteworthy? I'm writing this because I myself enjoy learning about music that I might like but haven't heard of, so I'd like to give others the opportunity to hear about my adventures in music. You've got to let me know if this is helpful, though!