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Riffing on a Big O scene

Posted 11 January 2007 in quote, story, and the-big-o

Background: I've been watching an anime series called "The Big O", which is a fairly dark show about a top negotiator in a city whose inhabitants lost all of their memories 40 years ago. Doesn't sound much like a Japanese theme does it? That's because I haven't mentioned the 15-story - wait for it - mechs that show up out of nowhere and beat each other up at the end of every episode.

So, I'm watching an episode with Kyle and Gondor, and in this particular episode there's an elderly blind woman who wants to speak with her long-lost - and thought to be dead - son before dying. Sensing that he will be coming, she instructs her servant to set the table for two. As she foresaw, he arrives for a tear-filled reunion, and as he hugs her as she sits at the table a candle in the foreground flickers out.

Kyle : "Wait, do you think that that candle is symbolic? That she died just at that moment?"
Me : "Absolutely. Of course, if it were me, I would have kissed her one last time and walked out of the mansion, locking the door, and leaving forever. The deed would be lost to time, and over the years the neighborhood children would come to fear the mansion. They would dare each other to retrieve their lost baseballs from the dilapidated estate, but all would chicken out due to the mansion's fierce facade. Eventually, many years later, a single child would enter the house one fateful Halloween night. He would grope his way through the darkness until a bright flash of lightning would reveal an expansive dining room, a decayed corpse seated at the head of a table set for two."
Gondor : "Oh my god, dude!"