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Hey there! This article was written in 2007.

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Back in the saddle

Posted 3 January 2007

I had a safe trip back to Northwestern, and now I'm gearing up for my first day of classes. New things I want to work toward in the coming months:

  • I've signed up at 30 Boxes, which is an online calendar service. I will also try out Google Calendar eventually. My goal is to figure out if an online calendar will help me organize my days.
  • With all the free time I'm obviously going to find during my adventures with online calendars, I'm going to sit down and really work on the Pavatar specification. I would really like to see Pavatars become ubiquitous.
  • All of the digital photos I have yet to get through will be properly tagged and categorized. I'm not going to think about all of the physical photos scattered around in drawers and books that will need to be scanned in...
  • Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. If I'm going to be forced to learn a new language as a math major, I'm going to learn it good.
  • Having read through almost three books over the break, I expect that I will continue reading more and more in the future. Likely this will involve trips to the local library.