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Hey there! This article was written in 2006.

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This eMusic thing

Posted 3 December 2006 in emusic and music

I got a hankering for some new music, and went out in search of it. Thanks to Last.fm for providing a player that will provide me with music similar to the songs I enjoy listening to! Based on some of what I ran into there, I signed up at eMusic.com, which allows me to download up to 30 songs each month for $10/month. The service is different from iTunes in that the songs are not crippled with DRM.

I've picked up some 15 songs so far, and I believe all of them are on non-RIAA-affiliated labels:

  • Sufjan Stevens - After reading Jesi's extraordinarily long blog entry about his concert in Sweden, I decided to pick up a few songs, and I'm impressed.
  • Bj√∂rk - I heard her perform live at some event or another...the Grammys?...so I downloaded "I've Seen It All" off of her "Vespertine Live" album. Nice.
  • Michelle Tumes - She recently switched to a different label and released a new album, so I've got a few songs from her now.
  • Juno Reactor - Is there any need to say how good their techno is?
  • Eric Prydz - "Call On Me" is likely the catchiest two-line song ever: "Call on me" and "I'm the same boy I used to be".
  • Cooper-Moore - Live jazz piano. This was my riskiest download, and it wasn't worth it: the 30-second sample was unrepresentative of the horror of the last 5 minutes of the song.

I think I'll stay with eMusic a little longer and see if it remains worth the expense. In the meantime, let me know if you're interested in signing up, because if I invite you and you join, I get a kickback of 50 song downloads!