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Hey there! This article was written in 2006.

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Fringe lore

Posted 2 December 2006 in information, the-city, and the-fringe

There have been a number of people who have joined "The Fringe" on Facebook. It seems appropriate to inform people what they are in for.

The City

The City exists as an island in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world; it is truly one of the few remaining industrial complexes on the continent. It is run in a constant police state and the government is corrupt, but the City is generally self-supporting.

The City is a bleak place, and death awaits the careless. Whether through fatal factory incidents or through scuffles with the police, it is not uncommon to lose one's coworker, friend, or family member to the harsh realities faced by all.

The Fringe

The Fringe surrounds the City, but is generally used to refer to the East side. It is a ring, roughly five miles out from the city, where brief but extraordinary battles are waged. It is a sort of proving ground for the jaded youth of the City, who consistently engage in armed combat with the Indigians - the indigenous people who live beyond the Fringe.

Beyond the Fringe

The desert beyond the Fringe is a cruel land. Its people live short but productive lives. Water is a scarcity, and war with the City inevitably claims too many souls. The people - known as Indigians in the City - have rejected the political corruption of the City's government, and survive on the meager crops they are able to grow, and the occasional spoils of a successful assault on the City.

Despite their difficult circumstances, the Indigians live fruitful lives in a collective society with strong familial values.