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The "What's going on?!" post

Posted 20 November 2006 in ad, burger-king, decoration, game, gamecube, nintendo, quote, second-city, wii, and xbox
  • Andy's trying hard to acquire a Nintendo Wii, and he's informed me that he'll give me his old Gamecube and a number of accessories and games. He may also come hang out Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Sunday night, FoHo went to see Second City, a sketch comedy show. Although the entire event was planned in conjunction with the girls in RoHo, absolutely none of the 17 girls who said they would be going actually came. To that I say "Boo on RoHo!" The outing was a lot of fun, though. One of my favorite lines was delivered during the third act, which was entirely unscripted.

Hispanic guy : "It looks like the coast is clear...I don't see any white people!"
White guy : "Aha! Of course you didn't! I was hiding behind this money!"

  • I'm going to try and decorate my room using stuff I pick up at shows I attend. This will require me to actually attend shows, which is good.

  • Burger King has some of the sketchiest ads I have ever seen. They've recently launched their own video games for the XBox. One, named "Big Bumpin'", is being advertised with lines like "Bang your favorite BK characters". One of my friends bought another titled "Sneak King", which claims to have "lots of hidden features". Having seen the commercial where a guy wakes up with the King in bed with him, I have no doubt someone is going to discover a disturbing Hot Coffee-esque "feature".

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