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Splinter Cell (XBox)

Posted 9 July 2006 in game, review, splinter-cell, and xbox

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is the story/game about a highly-trained operative, Sam Fisher, who is sent into several countries to thwart a plot against America.

I'm a stealth gamer at heart: give me a room full of villains and I'll gladly pick them off through the windows from a different building. Give me a sniper weapon and I'll be more than content to sit in silence, timing the perfect shot for minutes on end. Splinter Cell speaks directly to my gaming preferences - stay in the dark, time everything, and act in silence. The game also challenged me several times when it stole away my ability to hide in the night. For instance, in one mission I was given darkness, but dogs hunted me by my scent. In another, the bad guys were equipped with night vision goggles. In still another, the wooden floorboards would creak loudly when I moved.

Having played the game on its highest difficulty setting, I can say that I was both relieved and disappointed when the game reached its conclusion. The final level has me hunting down Kombayn Nicholadze, the Georgian Prime Minister who masterminded sneaking an atomic weapon onto U.S. soil. It was the most memorable level I've played, because I saved the game after having used all of my ammo. Immediately after saving, I had a single opportunity to assassinate Nicholadze, but no bullets to do so! I had to restart the entire level.

"Splinter Cell" gets 5 out of 5 stars. The storyline is engrossing, the missions are challenging yet rewarding, and the level designs are gorgeous. This is my kind of game.