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Hey there! This article was written in 2006.

It might not have aged well for any number of reasons, so keep that in mind when reading (or clicking outgoing links!).

How to miss a Northwestern graduation

Posted 11 July 2006 in adventure, graduation, northwestern-university, and story

Northwestern University's commencement ceremonies were scheduled for Friday, June 16th, and the actual walk-the-stage graduation for the school of engineering was scheduled for the following morning at 8:30a. Those events were to be the grand finale, as it were: a week spent with my friends, and a weekend to send them out into the world.

Friday I wandered the campus trying to get tickets to both events. I happened to stop by Foster House for a drink of water, and lo-and-behold I ran into my Halo sniping partner, Chris. He had tickets in abundance, so I was set. The plan was to meet up with Amanda at her apartment and head to the commencement in the evening, but because of my miscommunication and associated complications, I missed the commencement.

The next morning, Amanda knocked on my door and announced "It's 7:30a. Are you going to go to the graduation?" By the time I was ready to go it was 8:30a. By the time I was on campus it was 9:00a. Not realizing that I should have gotten off one stop later and walked two blocks, I stood at the commencement bus stop, assuming buses would be running again. After watching three buses go by, however, I started walking (again, not realizing the how close the next L stop was to the graduation). It was uncomfortably hot, so by the time I arrived at the graduation at 10:00a, I was glistening with perspiration.

I walked into the stadium to music, and watched in dismay as a long line of professors and deans filed past me, followed by a great mass of students. Incredibly, the very people I had come to see graduate all walked past me in the span of twenty seconds - had I been even five minutes earlier or later, I would have failed to meet up with the very people I was there to see. It had to be that exact moment, to put me at that exact place.

Consequently, I now have a photo of me with Justin, Allan, Andy, and Chris. I got to meet Andy's family and Allan's mom (his dad wasn't able to make it), and of course I got plenty of photos. Providence alone brought that together!